Coding in the Country

I don’t get up to Yorkshire half as much as I would like (it being my home for about 8 years of my life and where my dad took me hiking), I miss it a lot and any excuse will see me at Kings-Cross piling into a GNER train, however this time I had a great excuse, Rob Wills my fellow LDC’er asked me to come up so we could sit down and do a nice development to production environment for his latest project using Maven, Vaadin + plus plug ins, GIT, and AWS (some of the components were not playing quite as they should should so he wanted a second set of eyes)

I got to stay at their fab house, well it’s actually 3 houses, the main house and the 2 guest houses you can see/rent them here

It has amazing views (and its not even a nice day)



The house is practically off the grid but has all the proper comforts, a wind turbine provides plenty of electricity (they feed more back to the grid than they pull from it, enough to run the awesome outside hot tub), the property has its own spring so is self sufficient water wise, but still has internet (my 3G even works up there), much to my surprise I even discovered they even had electric car charging port.





Its set in a few acre of its own land (moorland and lawns) more than half a mile from anyone else (perfect for parties)



After a hectic day of coding and swearing at Eclipse I was sent home with fresh picked kale (for my better half)…sigh!



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