Quiet Isnt it

Its been a bit quiet on the the old blog with my parents updates wildly out numbering mine, but it has not been quiet in life very much business as usual (if chaos is usual) however bullet points are better than waffle, so lets got for that:

  • LDC Via is going great guns with features and real world solutions coming out of every orifice, uses for the platform have come from clients that we never even dreamed of, from the compliance angle (which meant we had to produce SHA-2 checksum reports for archives) to @MattWhite’s “Lens” UI which give you instant customisation for migrated and synced data.
  • Full Blown freelance work continues to be the roller-coaster ride it always is, you can go from “no work next week…Rats” to calling in the other members of LDC with a “FxxK FxxK FxxK any one got spare capacity to help me with XX?” in the space of 10 mins, it is still a constant search for work but when you are busy its hard to keep up to the social media stuff that brings more work in…and as for technical articles…
  • Technical articles..once the life blood of this blog seem to have dropped by the way side, I have to get back to them… but the problem with that is: one of my clients is true NDA so I can do anything to do with their work, another client for whom I’m doing lovely cutting edge blog fodder has requested that I keep the technical details secret and finally there is LDC Via stuff which I’m hoping to make a living off so don’t want to give away the crown jewels for and even on the stuff we really want to share it should really be one the LDC Via Blog its self (which I will cheat on and cross post)

That’s it really just a wave hello so you know I’m not dead