Sametime 901 and IP6

Now I don’t do Sametime very much, its a area of horror I leave to people like Gab Davis, but this this was a fix that Gab found that I felt needing sharing

So it was a standard install on a client site on clean windows 2012 servers built by the client. with only basic services to be provided, simples eh?


instead we get this bundle of fun when trying to login on the web client for meetings

CommunityServ W doService, SID:
12345678-AAAA-1234-ZZZZ-123456789555 CLFRX0030E: Login is not completed in 10 seconds. User XXXX XXXX will be logged out.
that login is not completed in 10 secs

After a good deal of grumbling and checking of settings it was decided to make sure IP6 was not used, I checked in the windows setting and it did not look as if it was enabled, Gab however point out that that would not be enough and sent me to this

which is a little download to completely disable the feature, I ran it on a the various servers and voilà , suddenly everything works.

Just a tip in case it is needed……

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