Engage 2017 From A Distance

Watching Engage from a distance a few weeks ago was an exercise in misery, far more than even IBM Connect, Theo Heselmans had put on an extra special show and I was gutted to be missing it.

The conference looked like its exceptional mix of excellent content plus good socializing and in my personal opinion is the best of the ICS related conferences.

An extra wince for me this year is letting Theo down on the presentation of my session, thankfully Matt White stepped in and gave my session for me so a huge apology and much gratitude to him


Engage is always important to LDC Via as is our anniversary time, this time everybody else had to pick up the slack (Ben had to do the speed sponsoring I normally do) so I am in the team dog house.

I was sent freebies back from the various vendors, but freebie of the conference goes to Teamstudio with their Tile which according to my wife will save me about 15 years of my life

That’s it just a Slide Deck Post and a groveling apology


P.S. Many thanks to Amanda Bauman IBMs token sane person, for sending over some IBM swag (which I had completely failed to order) as well as the Champion Connect Tshirt

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