2 fitness tips: Callouses and clean headphones

2 quick fitness tips I use everyday.

TIP 1: Use isopropyl alcohol spray to clean over-ear headphones.

I’ve not met anyone use this but it seems obvious to me, isopropyl alcohol is great for disinfecting and removing bad smells and it also does not upset electronics (its used for cleaning dirty and corroded circuit boards) so therefore it is perfect for cleaning the sweaty ear pads on your headphones without having to take them apart. Make sure you use the 99.9% version, my preferred brand is “Nope”

Tip 2: File calluses from weightlifting and bar work to stop them ripping. 

This one seems to be wrapped up in lots of other tips and over complications, but put simply, the calluses you get from lots of weight lifting, using a bar pull-up or that kind of stuff will often rip, and while this might seem mainly it means you have to stop while the bloody things heal, lots of people get special creams and stuff like that to stop it, but what I have found all of the professionals do is just file the damn things flat with what ever they have to hand e.g. nail files, pumice stones etc etc, though I have seen this one recommended a lot.

Me I just use my modelling files, simple.

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