The best USB-C hub

As just about all computers now use USB-C as their main port, most of the historic Laptop docks have been replaced by generic USB -C hubs, in fact a proper dock is rare to see, and for the majority of the time these turn out to be rubbish in my opinion.

I have tried loads of them and they all have their own failings, be it bad pass through on the power or poor organisation of ports, some are even missing commonly used ports, but the worst offence to me is the fact that nearly all of them seems to insist on a hardwired USB-C Cable to attach them to your Machine, often only 6 inches long meaning you can never place the hub in a nice orderly place for all the cables that need to attach to it.

An otherwise good UBS-C hub ruined.

Thankfully I found one that gets over all of these issues, say hello to the StayGo USB-C Hub,  it looks just like the normal run of the mill dock but this one allows you to have your own USB-C cable, even though it does contain its own built-in short travel cable.

It’s made of metal therefore it has a little bit more weight to it and has nice rubber feet to stop it slipping, this combined with a nice layout and the full complement of needed ports means this is now my go to hub, why don’t more people design stuff like this.