Dyslexia and Blog posting

I have dyslexia and while it is often considered a liability, I have never found it so, in fact it makes my life easier, you’re better at maths, you’re better at logical puzzles etc etc

However it does still bite me a little bit when I’m writing blog posts, I simply don’t see works that are just a little wrong, I don’t see where sentences don’t make any sense. The traditional way of getting round this it’s to copy and paste the text you have just written into a new format then reread it but that takes time and often doesn’t work

Enter the latest in the internet age, half the time now for blog posts I simply dictate them and then go back and review them. Gone are the days of dictation software taking ages to learn your voice and making more mistakes than it is worth, this post itself was just done via a phone in a couple of minutes, but even with modern technology mistakes are made, things don’t work out or things simply don’t scan when I read them back, but there is an easy fix, purely by accident I bumped into Amazon Polly. I just thought it was as a cool little WordPress plugin that converted all of your blog posts to speech, but now I’m the main user of it, whenever I do a blog post before publishing it I simply preview it and get Amazon Polly to read it back, it’s amazing how much that clears up bad words bad phrases and non existent punctuation

Give it a try and see what I mean