Fitness Week EOW 2022-04-24

Work done this week

  • 3 x PT sessions (under Sam Bradly)
  • 2 x Spin Sessions (Under Louise)
  • 1 x  Self Driven Session (provided By Sam)

Notes :

Pulling back from the Corvid Effects, Spin has moved up from 2.,5 Watts per Kilo to 2.6, but still a chuck of work to go to get back to the 2.8 it used to be.

Sam has come up with the most killer Session, one to replace the old Double bill of Spin + WOD I used to do Saturday morning at Gymbox (which in turn was done when i should have been going fencing)

Anyway the Set is:

5K on Skierg (10 resistance) at a split of about 2.20

Every 500 Meters, break off and do 20 Kettle Bell snatches (10 each side) with a 24kg Kettlebell (no pause or ‘Faff’) then back to the Skierg

40 mins cut off Time

Now I made it but the form was ROTTERN, slow and at the end I just sat of the floor and nearly cried, but for me the key part is its an excellent framework set to build on, one I personally find very very challenging, so next week will be a repeat with the goal to do it without making my self sore (which only happens during bad form)

Next Weeks Goals

  1. Manage the new set at the same level Just done cleanly and sharply
  2. Spin at 2.7 Watts per Kilo

Long Term Goals

  1. Continue weight loss in Prep for September


Not taken this Week


Old but not dead yet

2.6 is OK but not what I can do, struggling a tiny bit with the resistance lever on the bake, its not as controlled as a screw,

I HATE these kettle bells they have a flat ridge under the handle where they were bent and its driving me crazy, will see if I can bring in an old fashioned cast Iron one


Mobile Painting : Paint Updates for the Day

We have our solid paint list for mobile painting, but there are hundreds of paints and bits so some days need swap outs and supplemental in the carry case, this is just a log and reasons


Swap Out

  • Chaos Black Rattle Can ⇒ Munitorum Varnish (everything is base cotted for today already and think we will be doing AK streaky Grime and that needs varnish to protect the paint)