Domino 8.5

Right, i’m finally writing this on Linux, i’ve installed the 8.5 client (no dev or admin in it yet!! booo) and it was much easier than I expected, there are distro packages for all the major formats (debain/umbutu, RPM/redhat ISMP/InstallShield MutliPlatform), and they install as easily as any windows program (easier in fact as you don’t have to worry where the data directory is going to go as it puts it in the root of your current home directory),

Running it is easy as well, though it has that distinctive “I was written in Java UI, what a shame!!” feel about it, also its still a bit slow loading (but not running),so all in all a pleasent experience (pity about them hiding the bleeding spell checker and when I found it, it does not it work!!

Never mind, off to install the server

On a more interesting note pop over to Adam Gartenberg’s Blog and look at the his link for popping your CV in wordle, a fab idea, but produces a worrying result, think its time I re-did it. (ick!!)


Short domino web site urls

As Ben pointed out yesterday, my love of substitution rules picked up off Mark in order to give lovely short urls to my website, meant that the comments section of blogsphere broke (not blogspheres fault), but I still love them so here’s a lightning fast guide to using them, and how not to suck at it

So here we have a basic use of substitution rules, the first line means that when you go to the root of the site, it redirects to your nsf (so you don’t have to stipulate it in the site config), also the path and .nsf don’t appear in your urls, the next 2 lines are in there are in there so that the preview and insert quick images from blogsphere work as it seemed to need them or it would not display properly (shrug, I know its poor of me and I know I should fix any issues I might have and pass them straight back, if they prove to be genuine bugs rather than me being a twit).

So next we have a problem that the code REALLY wants to connect to the actual path of the server i.e., and the first line is redirecting everything to root, ah! you think, ill just put a substitution rule in so that when we just ignore that specific URL, see the extra line below.

but dang it!!!, it does not work and the server console says “/apps/blog.nsf/apps/blog.nsf/basic?openform cant find design note”, this is because i have forgotten to read the flippin manual!!, as the domino admin guide states


“The incoming and replacement patterns in substitution rules must each specify at least one wildcard. If you do not explicitly include a wildcard somewhere in a pattern, the HTTP task automatically appends “/*” to the pattern when it stores the rule in its internal table. “


Soooo, just bung the “/*” on the end of you “/” rule, and hey presto it works


those quicker than me on the uptake will have realised that we can use substitution rules to move things like images and other resources out of a database with out having to go thought all that boring recoding e.g.



oh, after each change to make your substitution rules take effect straight away do “tell http refresh” on the server console


hope that helps


Oh, yes i know i put this up on a Wednesday but i will at the London Lotus Beer tomorrow night, so doubt i will be in a fit state to blog later

Old Comments

Randal Oulton(27/02/2011 01:10:59 GMT)

Okay I did a fudge on the home page for now with a meta refresh (ugh); and got google site search working again.

Well worth the effort, lovely short beautiful URLs that search engines will love.

Have a look, { Link }

Mark Myers(05/03/2011 19:02:57 GMT)

hi hi Randal,

thanks for the feedback, could you tell me what else it breaks

personally i don’t use default website document in websites i write (feels like hard coding) that’s why i have the rule pointing to “/” and deal with it at a design level

I have not used goggle search on website as I happily have domino FT, but agree that the urls should cater too it

Randal Oulton(26/02/2011 15:57:59 GMT)

Hey Mark,

this breaks a lot of things, like default home page in the web site document, google site search, etc.

I’m currently trying to figure out workarounds; if / when I come up with any, I’ll report back to save other people going “ack!!!”

1.5Tb Seagate Drives, Drobo, formating and temper Tantrums

Fiends and Followers of this pack of feeble ranting’s will know my love of the
drobo external nas drive, as i had filled mine up with 1tb drives, i was much
pleased with the news that the first of the new uber big Seagate drives came
out (1.5tb), i purchased 4 of said drives, and popped them in, a week later one
seems to fail for 30 seconds then be ok, but the drobo did its rebuild thing
for 24 hours (which means it goes slow), i shrugged, but then a couple of days
later another one failed on the other drobo, so they were both rebuilding,i
started to get nervery if one more failed i would lose the raid, Eeeeeeeek!.
How ever it seems i was not alone, the drobo forums were alive with the horror
of these drives, turned out that something to do with their slightly larger
power requirements, if the drive did not get EXACTLY what they wanted on
startup, they would go in to “autistic mode” for 30 seconds (ie sulk), which
breaks the drobo raid, it turns out that is problem is common to all the modern
operating systems (Linux, Mac osx, vista), Seagate flatly refused to accept
responsibility telling people were miss using their drives (it mainly happened
when people were using them for raid), however as they had put “best usage:
Desktop raid” on their website, that did not cut much mustard (the little
devils removed it once people pointed that out but thanks to the joy of the
internet, plenty of screen shots had already been taken….ha..power to the
geeks!!), they have now released a firm ware fix (which you need a PC to apply
to the drives), but it too late for me, I’ve already swapped back to the 1TB
drives and used the 1.5Tb for other backups, the following is how to format
said drives in Linux as they throw a little tantrum.

Most people who are Linux users who have come from a windows background, like
gui apps, and the best for disk formatting is called Gparted, however the
current “sanctioned” version of Gparted (0.3.5), throws a hissy fit when you
try and format a partition greater than 1TB, Sooooo, with these monster drives,
open a terminal window:

sudo su

means you don’t need to keep putting “sudo” at the beginning of all your
commands for this terminal session

parted /dev/sdd

or what ever drive is if you have gparted you can see the drive name there, now
your in parted, but your drive is completely blank so you need to enter

(parted) mklabel msdos

an msdos label will do these drives fine, Next enter “print” to see the drives

(parted) print

Disk /dev/sdd: 1500GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos

Number Start End Size Type File system Flags

as you can see we have no partitions on this drive, in this exersise i want one
partition that takes up the whole drive and to use the ext3 format, the 2
numbers at the end are the start and end points of the partitions so “0” to
“1500GB” to do the whole drive.

(parted) mkpart primary ext3 0 1500gb

now lets do “print” to see if that took effect

(parted) print

Disk /dev/sdd: 1500GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos

Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 32.3kB 1500GB 1500GB primary

rayyy, worked, now we need to pop out of parted

(parted) quit

the drive is still not formatted so fill in the following (you can check on
gparted again if you don’t know what to put as the drive, ie. /dev/ssd1)

/sbin/mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdd1

mke2fs 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)
Filesystem label=
OS type: Linux
Block size=4096 (log=2)
Fragment size=4096 (log=2)
91578368 inodes, 366284000 blocks
18314200 blocks (5.00%) reserved for the super user
First data block=0
Maximum filesystem blocks=0
11179 block groups
32768 blocks per group, 32768 fragments per group
8192 inodes per group
Superblock backups stored on blocks:
32768, 98304, 163840, 229376, 294912, 819200, 884736, 1605632, 2654208,
4096000, 7962624, 11239424, 20480000, 23887872, 71663616, 78675968,
102400000, 214990848

Writing inode tables: done
Creating journal (32768 blocks): done
Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: done

This filesystem will be automatically checked every 28 mounts or
180 days, whichever comes first. Use tune2fs -c or -i to override.

here you go that’s the format done, while your here you might as well sort out
the other bits, soo

e2label /dev/sdd1 mp3picsbackup

This give the drive a label, so that, say this is a usb drive, it will auto
mount to the label, now i like really open security (lazy sod), and as such,

chmod 777 -R /media/mp3picsbackup

oh, i had to mount the drive for this command to work.

Resetting the playing field

As many of you already know from reading Bruce’s post, Taskjam is now available for free, GO GET IT!!!

The reason for this is not particularly Taskjam its self but the whole family of “jam” products, and the application methods that Matt and Bruce are using now, in my option it has reset how domino web applications should be done, and shown us the future, IdeaJam in particular should now be considered the base line for Domino web apps, come on people don’t let the side down!!!, make us proud. (oh and buy IdeaJam as well so you can steal the code in it)

15 things i learnt while at my first lotusphere 2009

1) If Bill Buchan is ever in the audience for a session, sit next to him, its hilarious
2) Lotusphere attendees are called bumblebees (when you see them its obvious)
3) Learn the name of the common meeting places.. Quickly!
4) Talk to EVERYONE (they are all nice, friendly and geeky)
5) Be nice to the vendors, they have to stand up for days on end and its bloody hard work, especially in stilettos (next year I’ll wear flats)
6) My girlfriend writes the hottest emails EVER!! (I’m not standing up in the retunder for about 10 mins)
7) A taxi between the swan/dolphin hotel and the new Orleans ones costs about $15
8) Your love of any creamed vegetables can become an addition (espesh creamed spinach at ‘tubbies’)
9) When they put the bottled drinks out in the vendor area grab them quick (the Disney buggers take them away really soon)
10) Disney have no idea what a dolphin looks like
11) Party like its 1999, don’t just go back to your hotel room at the end of the sessions (all the Cool Geek people go out)
12) All free booze is wine or beer, if you don’t like either, make provision!!!!
13) At least 20% of the people here are clever than you, learn from them!!!.
14) When your stealing freebies of the stalls talk to the vendors (you might learn something and they will think their freebies are working)
15) somewhere in the Disney resort there is a wireless network administrator that has committed suicide! for what you have done to the “lotusphere” wireless lan.

The Pod People take over Disney World

Its 6.30 am on a Sunday morning, and mist rises off the lakes in the riverside area of Disney’s world, an air of mysticism shrouds the place, then in one’s a two’s figures skulk from the shadows each with a yellow pod clinging to their back, they converge in their thousands on a predefined point muttering to each other in a bizarre language, is it a strange race come to take over the world , No its all the lotusphere attendees all going for a free breakfast!!, my first lotusphere has begun, and I’m more excited than a priest in a 6th form exercise yard.

Day 1 Lotusphere

I feel like i have wandered in to a club for big game hunters, its more fanatical than a star trek convention, I’m sure if a tattooist opened up in the product showcase floor, he would make a killing.

today has consisted of discovering the following

1) Mind blown with all the new stuff, had to take a quiet hour to get all i wanted to do in order in my mind (and on paper)
2) Cognos are actually here in person so I’m going hunting them this week
3) Selling Ideajam is not going to be hard as it is not only amazing but now award wining (its notes porn)
4) Got contact names for the foundation stuff i want
5) There is tons of sessions i want to go to, having to be VERY picky

Please forgive me for leaving you now as there are free drinks and a beach with my name on it. (hmmm must sort out the parties for the rest of the week)

Nokia N96 what a weird phone

Recently mainly for geek value and the fact I was renewing my contact I
upgraded from a N81 to the new(ish) N96, now i really loved the N81, its was a
fast phone, had plenty of memory (8gig), EXCELLENT build quality, and worked
well as both a phone and a music player, when the N96 came out, it looked a no
brainer to upgrade as both the looks and layout were identical but with more
memory,features and a bigger screen


its not all roses, to save you all reading the boring stuff I’m just gona do
the normal pro’s and con’s list


Nice Screen: can watch an Anime with subtitle on it no prob

loud: it can drive a big pair of earphones at ear rupture level

Features: this does everything, I’m still looking for the “make toast” key

Space: loads, it comes with 16Gig and I’ve put in an additional 16Gig M2 card
with no probs

Nice and Open: This ‘aint no Iphone, you can do what you want on this devil.

Data Transfer: proper USB2 (the N81 only had a sub USB1 speed (400kbs)), and an
excellent Bloothtooth


SLOW: for some god forsaken reason its got a slower processor than the N95, and
the OS speed in comparison to the N81 sucks

Poor apps: both the built in music and movie player quite frankly are bobbins
(the movie player more than the music), i replaced the movie player with Core
Player and the music player with LCG JukeBox from lonely cat games (although i
keep the music player around when i want to play tracks by id3 tag rather than
file/folder layout), replacing these improved the speed no end.

Build Quality: this is objective but it does seem more fragile than the N81 but
that might be just me giving it a hard life.

Headphone socket: this shares the same problem that the Iphone does, in that
people that want a top of the range phone might not want a top of the range
pair of head phones , but in the N96’s case you cant open the phones
slider when a large pair of phones are plugged in and have to get one of those
IPhone extenders/adaptors.

Still crashes!!: this was supposed to not happen post the N95 but i crash mine
once a week at least, although the fact the alarms still work when its either
crashed or has been turned off is an amazing feature.

Large AAC files: This one is a strange un, large aac files (over an hour) that
used to play fine on the N81, report the wrong length (normally much much
shorter) and cut off when this time is reached, a slight work around to this is
to hide the music player just before the time is up, if you do this it carries
on playing (sort of like the music equivalent of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast
of Traal)


In the first week i almost went back to the N81, but after i had ripped the
naff apps out (the music player also seems to leek memory and leaving it hidden
while using the media keys is normally what crashes my phone), i have started
to really like it, good hardware let down a bit by poor software.

Feeling the Rush

As a person with a low caffeine tolerance and a love of all sugary things (careful), i have always adored energy drinks, normally i drink Relentless (for the taste, particularly relentless green, and the fact they have nice forms on their website) or redbull for the fact they run notes, how ever one of the developers from my biggest client, brought me back the following from a trip to L.A., a couple of cans from a company called Rockstar.

just look at it, its HUGE!! it contains or the normal nasty chemicals (caffeine, taurine, guarana), plus a few ones i have not heard of, and a few i sure they’ve just made up (milk thistle anyone?), it might be normal stuff to my US readers but it looks like an amazing heart attack in a can to me, just being the same room as it makes my heart rate speed up to the point i cant make out individual beats, I’m going to save it for a project that i have no hope of delivering and need to code at light speed, but mainly I’m touched that a college would think of it on their only holiday in years to bring it back several thousand miles. (thanks Mr Fullwood)